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Gabe Ayala, Harol Baez, Clayton Brannon, Brent Chua, Ian Chang, Rakeem Cunningham, Alexandra Gibbs, Sean Gomes, Oriana Layendecker, Vic Lataigne, Gustavo Lopez Mañas, Lorenzo Marcucci, Marco Marezza, Amer Mohamad, Ty Pike, Dylan Priest, Tyler Rowell, Joseph Sinclair, Thomas Synnamon, Dusty St. Amand, Sebastian Troncoso, Cully Wright, Carol Persons, Alex Galego, Evangelos Rodoulis, Hard Cider NY, Ryan Slack, Krisnoff Padua, Jay Kelly, Freya Lamont, Sarah Mireya, Nicholas Harding, Adrian Alarcon Sanchez, Jamie Mann, Roi Antoniou, Zac Damiani, Myuran Ganesh, Hoyin Siu, Justin Chen, T. Rush, Yana Uvarova, Gian Andrea di Stefano, Antonio Abrego, Nocera & Ferri, Clay Boutte, Jasper Kitschke, Peoneemoull Pech, Chesterfield Hector, Yamina Laidani;


Maxwell Burnstein, Lisa F, Gary Freeman, Luigi Gaballo, Art Ganaden, Ainhoa Gomaz, Wilford Lenov, Kiera Liberati, Yu Sheng “Jungle” Lin, Luigi Mazzioti, Brandon Nicholas, Leonardo Persico, Julia Platt-Hepworth, Theodore Regisford, Andy Salmen, Clarence Singleton, Callum Vincent, Christopher Quarterman, Iman Haynes,  Fermin & Gilles, Marina Willms, Clarence Singleton, Krisnoff Padua, Jay Kell, Kadeem Johnson, Billy Heineman, Leroy Lorenzo, Giulia Malnati, Simone Demkiw, Elana Pandelides, Edward Espinosa, David Nino, Mahfoud Laaziz, Justin Onyeador, Faye Sawyer, Clay Boutte, Jade Leung, Nathalia Jmag, Danielle Solis, Arianna Tersigni, Ilaria Ricci;

A full list of Journalists, Hair and Make up artists, and anybody else who contributed one way or another to our website or any of the periodicals will be available shortly. Thank you for your understanding!